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Resign Big Game Freddy

With all the emphasis on fixing the bullpen it is important to remember that the young back end of the rotation may put added pressure on the pen. Danks proved at least as of last year he is a 5-6 inning pitcher. Floyd also uses a lot of pitches early. I for one believe the Sox need a veteran starter to strengthen the back end and provide insurance against a Jose Contreres blowout. Scanning the free-agents available it may look thin. Carlos Silva? Not for the price he might demand. Josh Fogg? Interesting but also willl be expensive. Below this thin line of top guys there are several guys coming off of arm trouble who could be landed with an incentive laden deal. Kris Benson is one, Matt Clement is another, but to me the perfect fit is………… FREDDY GARCIA. Yes you heard me, lets bring back Freddy, Ozzie’s close family member, and a guy who did everything that was asked of him when he was in a White Sox uniform. The trade last year will make even more sense now as the SOx could probably get Freddy back at an extremely reduced rate, as well as the fact that they got two young arms in the trade. I am suprised that I haven’t heard of the possibilty of getting BIG GAME FREDDY back in the southside family. What’s the worst that happens?