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Full Payback Complete With Sweep of Cubs In 5-1 Win (Game 82, ’08)


Turnabout is fair play, and all is fair in love and baseball I suppose.  The White Sox returned the favor of the Northsiders for last week’s Wrigley Field embarassment, soundly beating the Cubs tonight 5-1 to complete what was for me as a White Sox fan, a glorious three-game sweep.  And while a sweep of the Cubs, something that has not happened since 1999 was sweet, it was really necessary since the Tigers and the Twins don’t lose baseball games anymore.  Ever since the White Sox awoke the sleeping Tigers they have gotten themselves to within 5 games of the White Sox, and the Pihrannas continue to annoyingly knip at the heels of the White Sox, winning again and just 1.5 games behind the White Sox.  The Twins, somehow behind the efforts of the mighty Boof “I changed my name to that legally” Bonser and the great Slowey have managed to win without end, a trend I certainly hope will not, nor do I expect to continue.  The Tigers have some serious offensive juice, but whether their pitching can be good enough in the long haul remains to be seen.  If pitching wins, the White Sox, behind their American League best bullpen and excellent starting pitching should be there all year, if not the favorites.  I’m not sure they will win the division by 6 as Lou Piniella predicted in yesterday’s press conference, but they seem to have gotten some things together offensively lately, and I hope that will continue.

The Sox pitchers finally decided to pitch these Cubs in, completely neutralizing Aramis Ramirez, who was O for the Cell, and Derrek Lee, who has hit Buehrle hard in the past was struck out twice, and was O for 3 after going 5 for 5 yesterday. At Wrigley, these guys were diving out over the plate and killing the Sox pitchers.  I’m glad to see an adjustment was made in this series.  When Linebrink induced Ramirez into a double play in the eighth to kill a rally, I thought it was perfect redemption for the walk-off homer Ramirez hit off Linebrink last weekend.  Amazing what a difference a week, and a venue can make. 

It was sweet payback indeed, and I was priviledged to be able to attend at least half this game tonight, after watching some of it at Mitchell’s where Chris Rongey and Matt Abbatacola from the Score were hanging out.  Lots of fun for White Sox fans.  They will have to keep things moving forward with Cleveland coming to town tomorrow.