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American League Takes it Again in Marathon 15-Inning 4-3 Win at 79th All Star Game

I can hardly believe I stayed up for this game, but after midnight, I had to keep watching.  I’m glad to see the American League won again since I’m a Sox fan of course.  Still, if this game did not illustrate the bad idea of ‘making it count’ by determining who gets home field advantage in the World Series, I’m not sure what will.  Scott Kazmir was on a short leash, and Francona was not going to extend his last pitcher much longer had the game gone on.  One more inning, and this game might have ended in another infamous ‘tie.’  Had that happened, how would have Bud Selig responded?  It is anybody’s guess, and fortunately nobody has to answer that question. 

The matchup between Quentin and Marmol with the game on the line was intriguing, and I was definitely disappointed to see Quentin strike out.  What I found the most strange image of the night was Carlos Quentin and Justin Morneau embracing at game’s end.  I suppose after four-plus hours and fifteen innings, such a reaction is understandable.  It was weird to see nonetheless.  Michael Young did it again as he did in ’06 with the game on the line.  Those Rangers really know how to hit and hit big in the clutch.  If that team ever got it together with their pitching, they could definitely contend.  The Rangers did it again.  The Red Sox JD Drew was begrudgingly cheered in Yankee Stadium as the All Star MVP homered and went 2-for-4 with 2 RBI.  Crazy game.  I will be tired when I get to work this morning….