About vanaman

My first love was baseball, and to this day,
it is still a great passion for me. My first experiences in
baseball involved playing with my dad who taught me at the
age of 5 to hit and catch the ball. I loved it when we would
line the batter’s boxes and baselines with lime in our yard,
then he, my brother Mike and I would play as if it was a
Major League game. I do have a rooting interest, as my blog
makes obvious. The Chicago White Sox have not in recent years
been considered the “first” team in the hearts of many
Chicagoans, let alone nationally, but you wouldn’t know that
when some 1.7 million people, including me, greeted them home
in the most amazing ticker-tape display I have ever seen on
October 28, 2005. The White Sox did what the Sox of another
color had done the year before – they had WON THE WORLD
SERIES!! Back to back drought-busters!? Amazing. If I had
made that bet in 2003, I’d be rich. Even before their World
Champion winning 2005 season, I have followed this team for
years. I remember going to my first game as a young boy at
Old Comiskey Park sometime around 1977. The game was actually
rained out, and I was scared when they turned off a couple of
the light standards, but my father eased my fears by taking
me downstairs in the dark, dank confines of the old ballpark,
and buying me my very first White Sox hat. I’ve been a fan
ever since. Although I had a pretty successful run as a
pitcher and outfielder in Little League and Pony League, I
only played a year of high school ball, which I sorely
regret. As a decent lefty, I may have had a chance to do
something with that arm, but I might have been limited at a
more competitive level with my 5’7″ stature. At that time, I
was heading down the path of another one of my passions –
music. Music, like film, has absorbed my attention for much
of my life. I was a Music Composition/Piano Performance major
in college. I have also written a few screenplays, and have
made a couple short films. I work a regular day job – nothing
fancy, and direct a local chorus as well. I have a beautiful
daughter named Epifhany who is 8 years old. She loves to sing
and dance, and loves the White Sox as well. (I wonder why!)
We play catch with nerf balls for now. Next, we’ll work on
her hitting…


baseball, music of many kinds, from Mahler
and Mozart to the “Doors,” Star Wars, composer of music,
plays piano, sings, Conducts chorus, storytelling with music
and images.