Contreras Stellar in 7-1 Win Over Brewers

Contreras Fires One Against the Brewers

On my first trip to Miller Park today for a bachelor party of a cousin, I was not at all disappointed. The game was great with Contreras’ second consecutive strong outing. I will admit I had my doubts going into this game, even with Parra’s high ERA, but Contreras was fantastic, frustrating hitters, and using his fastball. Great to see. I believe that was key today – use of his fastball. When Contreras gets too enamored with his forkball, the game slows down and his command tends to not be sharp. Contraras had a nice pace to his game today, and Castro had a nice game behind the plate as well as at the dish with a home run.

Konerko singling on the first pitch he saw today was a good sign. I would have never known he had problems with his thumb, and I love the professionalism and attitude he brings to his game. Nix was impressive to me with the way he cracked the ball with authority. In general, I was quite impressed with the Sox overall offensive approach, with line drives and solid contact. It was also great to see Beckham get his first two RBI of his career. I thought he got his first home run as well, but was caught at the center field wall. Had he hit that to left, it would have been gone.

For the most part, I liked what I saw today, but realistically, in the big picture, I still think this team will need to be a seller in a couple weeks or so. Their infield is in disarray with Ramirez swinging for the fenses with each long whack he takes at pitches both in and out of the strike zone. His fielding, great play today not withstanding, has been shaky at best at shortstop. Beckham is out of position and should be playing shortstop. Ramirez needs to work on shortening his swing on the minors, learning to hit line drives and stop trying to be a home run hitter. This instability in the middle infield between Ramirez and the platoon of Nix and Getz, combined with a center fielder in Anderson who is strong defensively but unable to hit anything but a fastball he knows is coming presents some major problems for this team to win with any consistency. Every time a ground ball is hit in the infield, I hold my breath because time and again I see uncertainty and double-clutching – just bad middle infield defense, with Fields and Beckham having their moments at third base as well. I am a White Sox fan for life, and want them to win. But I think it is time for the White Sox organization to be honest with themselves and with the fans in admitting they need to use 2009 to find out who they are and what they need to become so they can win in 2010 and beyond…


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