Not Good Right Now…Sox Lose Yet Another Series and Game Against Rangers 7-1

Paul Konerko’s words were not profound after today’s game, but they certainly were concise and accurate – “We’re not good right now.”  That’s an understatement.  There is nothing this team is doing consistently well.  They will pitch well one game, and be terrible the next.  They will hit one day, and be unable to touch the next pitcher they face. Mediocre to bad teams do this – they are inconsistent.  To bank on Bartolo Colon and Contreras was a gross miscalculation any fan could see.  But with the current economic climate, the Sox went on the cheap and signed Colon instead of signing Jon Garland, whom they could have gotten at a decent price, even if he would have been more than Colon.  With the way this team is now swinging it, I suppose you could argue it doesn’t matter who pitches, and Colon has been at least serviceable so far this year, and on the whole, much better than I thought he might be.  Still, the more I watch this year, the more I see what I believe this team is…2007(b).  It’s gonna be a long summer, and it hasn’t even gotten hot yet…


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