Ozzie’s Look Said it All…Contreras and Sox Shut Out 6-0

There was a shot of Ozzie in the dugout after Contreras threw yet another wild pitch.  He had his head in his hands as he shook his head.  The look was priceless and spoke more words than even Ozzie has to say – and that’s saying something. Jose Contreras made an amazing comeback from an achilles injury, and got himself in fantastic shape.  Unfortunately, it has not translated in the regular season, and this has almost certainly been Contreras’ last start – at least for a while.  I’m not sure what viable options the Sox have in triple-A, but on the big league club, I would be inclined to try Clayton Richard.  Whatever the Sox do, a change is certainly necessary.

After being shut out five times already on the young season, I think the offensive flaws of this team are quite evident.  They are not aggressive like the Rangers and Blue Jays offense – attacking pitches and hitting line drives.  This team too often hits fly balls or ground balls, but rarely line drives in the gap.  This has been the case for years, and I think it is high time for this team to create a new offensive identity.  I know this will almost certainly not happen this year, but I expect a very different looking team next year.  It’s sad to say I’m already looking ahead because this is looking like 2007 all over again. The last two nights have been a microcosm of the season – an incredible Buehrle pitching performance, perfect through 7 and 1/3, with plenty of offense, followed by no offense and horrendous pitching.  That is what comprises, among other things, a .500 team.  Unfortunately, I expect little else from this team this year. 



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