Swept Away…Sox Lose to Royals 8-7

True, the White Sox have been banged up, but they have not been able to put this together in a while now.  Pitching was supposed to be the strength of this team, but Floyd, Contreras, and even Danks have been shaky to say the least.  You cannot continue to give up big leads on the road and expect to slug your way back to win.  That is not going to happen with any consistency.  This team simply has far too many holes to win.  the hitting is spotty and untimely.  The pitching is mediocre at best.  And I’m already setting into the idea this is basically going to be an up-and-down .500 team all year.  It feels like 2007 all over again.


One comment

  1. bvancleave@yahoo.com

    It seems that the Pale Hose cannot get a break. If the pitching is decent, then the offense struggles. If the offense is clicking, the the pitching is suspect. It was very difficult to watch last night’s game. You figure with a 7-4 lead that the bullpen would come in and shutdown the opponent’s offense. Clutch hitting has been terrible, and the pitching is slowly erroding. I agree that this might be turning into ’07. Buehrle is on the mound tonight, so lets hope the Staff Ace can get us a win. – http://bradcws.mlblogs.com

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