Team Ball…Sox Beat Rangers in Series Opener With 4-3 Win

The return of Jim Thome, Chris Getz, and an old friend in Scott Podsednik helped the White Sox in a very nice team victory tonight.  Of course, Mark Buerhle did his part, as he does so often with steadiness and consistency.  I feel priviledged as a White Sox fan to watch this soft-spoken talent go about his workmanlike business with professionalism and poise.  I feel I have been watching a real gift to pitching, a guy who knows how to pitch. A true professional.  Mark Buehrle may not have the blazing fastball, but the guy is as steady as they come.  Fantastic.  I’m thrilled this guy is 4-0.  He deserves it.

I found it incredibly symbolic to have a Sox hero of the past – Scott Podsednik, was driven in for the game-winning run by the young Chris Getz, who does nothing but impress me more the more I watch him.  This kid comes back from a finger fracture, and all he does on his first day back in the lineup is pick up his first career triple, driving in the winning run in a clutch situation.  I was glad to see this was an error-free game as well, a feel-good story with the return of Scotty Pods, and a great night for Thome, driving in a huge three runs with a double, picking up 1501 RBI for his incredible career.  Let’s go for the series win tomorrow…



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