Vazquez for Braves’ Prospects Almost Final…Thank Goodness

I have never been a Javier Vazquez fan, even when the Sox picked him up in 2006.  I didn’t understand, even then, why the Sox needed him when they had, at the time, Brandon McCarthy to slide into the rotation at a FAR better price than the ever-overpaid mediocre Vazquez.  Sure, he’s an innings eater, and someone will have to fill those innings next year, but I’m sure Kenny is not done and I’m thrilled to death to see this guy leaving town.  For a team with World Series aspirations, a good pitcher against the Royals in May is simply not good enough.  In Atlanta, and against the woeful National League, Vazquez may thrive, but it was clear he had overstayed his welcome here, as did Boone Logan, whom I am also thrilled to see gone. When it came to the strike zone, this man couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.  It seemed almost EVERY TIME this guy threw his first pitch it was ball one.  He never seemed to have any command of the zone and that used to drive me crazy.  Leftys, like any other commodity in baseball are only useful if they are effective.

I believe where Kenny went wrong in his pitching personnell decisions was letting Jon Garland go – a sinker ball pitcher in a fly ball park who is an innings eater and an effective pitcher who helped win a World Series.  Jon has been offered arbitration, and is a free agent.  I think the Sox should use that money they freed up on the available Jon Garland.  They know what they have in him, and now have some cash to spend.  They need pitching now.  We shall see…




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