It All Comes Down to This…Sox Beat Detroit 8-2, Play Twins Tomorrow for the Central Title (Game 162, ’08)

I had a feeling the Sox would win this one today, but I never anticipated Alexei Ramirez’ grand slam, breaking the record for number of grand slams by a rookie in a single season.  Gavin Floyd was fantastic on short rest.  He made an errant throw to plate what at the time was the go-ahead run, but the Sox picked him up by scoring big in the bottom half of the sixth.  It was good to see the Sox take advantage of walks, wild pitches, and other miscues by the Tigers.  That is what good teams do.  The Sox down the stretch have not always looked like a good team, but they have put together a couple good games and with one more tomorrow, they will be in the playoffs. 

Kenny Williams was laughed at in this town for saying, after hearing of the Tigers’ acquisitions of Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera, that the Tigers simply put themselves in a position to better compete with the Sox.  Even I as a big fan didn’t think the Sox would be in contention.  Still, they have a shot…a shot to win the Central again and have a chance at the World Series title.  It is incredible to me it all comes down to a one-game ‘sudden death’ season for who gets the Rays in the first round.  Amazing.


One comment

  1. Kaybee

    Have fun with game 163! Being a Padres fan, I lived through the Rockies-Padres game last year. Very emotional, but it was amazing. I hope things turn out well for you guys!
    Kaybee-Go Padres!

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