White Sox Still Cannot Solve the Riddle of Johan Santana, Fall to Twins 3-1

I suppose one way for White Sox fans and John Danks to look at this loss is to know there are a lot worse pitchers they could have lost to than Johan Santana, perennial Cy Young runner up. John Danks gave the White Sox a chance to win – when facing most pitchers other than Sanatana. With just one big mistake and only three runs earned, I was happy with Danks performance. But when you’re facing Johan Santana, anything less than perfect will probably cost you the game. It did for the White Sox today.

Still, Juan Uribe looks good with his power stroke now. I must for at least the time being stand corrected for doubting Uribe, believing Kenny Williams needed to improve offensive production at that position with a more disciplined hitter. It’s early, but Uribe has been pretty good on both sides of the ball thus far.

I know Johan Santana is a great pitcher, but he is still human, and it baffles me the White Sox cannot take something away from this guy – to sit on his changeup instead of the fastball or something. I know these guys are professional veterans, but I refuse to accept Santana is invincible. I wish the White Sox could after all this time, find some weakness, but for now, he appears to have none.


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