McCarthy Traded to Texas?

Are you kidding me?  That is the reason we shipped Garcia to Philadelphia?  To make room for… Gavin Floyd?  I can only hope Williams is not done dealing and will get some proven, quality player or so, because I have never seen a general manager more anxious to trade away proven, battle-tested Championship-calibur pitchers for prospects.  Kenny wanted to deal Garland, our best pitcher.  He dealt Garcia.  He dealt McCarthy – the guy who supposedly was going to be Garcia’s replacement.  Is it just me, or has Kenny Williams lost his mind? This to me looks ridiculous.  Granted, McCarthy looked very vulnerable and suspect at times last season, but he wasn’t starting either. 

When I heard the Sox traded with Texas, I thought maybe we got Michael Young.  I could have swallowed that.  And while I understand the need for pitching, the White Sox have become the thing Kenny Williams always said he didn’t want them to be – "Prospects R’ Us."  I suppose the White Sox pitching staff is getting older, but at this point Don Cooper has more reclamation projects than known quantities, which equates to a "rebuilding mode" of you ask me, regardless of what’s said on 

As with anything in any endeavor, balance is key.  It is my opinion Kenny Williams has lost that balance now.  I can’t believe this. 

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    Garcia and now McCarthy. Philly should have swapped us centerfielders, so at least we get Rowand back. Nothing but prospects for these guys. 6 starters down to 4? I hope Kenny has a big ace up his sleeve, or this is some of the worst trades when your trying to win a DIVISION at least that I have seen in awhile. What gives?


    Hey, you should be glad you got Danks. He is better than McCarthy. Quit crying already. At least you’re not a Ranger fan.


    Certainly have to hope Williams has other moves in his pocket. How can anyone this morning say we are closer to the playoffs after shipping out Garcia and McCarthy?


    I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, now back to business. We’re back to only 4 proven starters and we still have pods in left and anderson in center? I have never seen a world series winner give up on a team so fast in my life. This off season has been white flag #2 Pathetic

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