Missing Freddy…

I have to admit it, I watched some clips on whitesox.com of Freddy Garcia’s past performances last night.  I’m sad he’s gone.  Who could forget his near-perfect game in Anaheim or the heartbreaker in 2005 against the Twins when he gave up just one hit – a home run to Jacques Jones only to lose 1-0?  Freddy also had some bad moments to be sure.  He had trouble holding runners on – and that’s putting it mildly.  He sometimes was hit very hard, but I suppose everyone does in this league at some point or another.  Sometimes Freddy criticised his offense, which seriously irked me. 

Still, I miss Freddy Garcia.  He was the pitcher who clinched the Division, the Division Series, and the World Series in 2005.  I suppose that is in part why he was called "big-game Freddy."  He also pitched exceptionally well against the Cubs – something always appreciated by White Sox fans.  Freddy Garcia, like any pitcher had his good times and his bad, but this guy is something special, and I’m glad he was a part of the White Sox family for the time he was here.  But in a way, as long as he is Ozzie’s son-in-law, Freddy will always be a part of the White Sox family…


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