It’s Official…

I read it earlier on, then read it again in a local Chicago paper – it’s a done deal.  Rowand is now a Phillie and Thome is now with the White Sox, officially.  After having passed physicals, Rowand will wear red next year, and Thome will wear black.  The blow for me is lessened a bit when I realize what a good clubhouse guy Thome is and what he can bring to the White Sox that they have lacked in the past – a big-time left-handed power bat.

One part of the newspaper article I was troubled by was the perception the White Sox’ time frame for closure on the Konerko situation was different from Konerko’s, who wants to play out the free agency process.  The Sox want closure by or at the end of the Winter Meetings, while Konerko sounds like he want to explore his options thoroughly.

Losing Rowand is a good part of the Championship chemistry missing, and if Konerko walks, I don’t pick the Sox to repeat.  I honestly believe Konerko is that critical.  Sure, if Thome must become the Sox full-time first baseman, at least if he’s healthy you have pretty much replaced the numbers you would have lost.  But the idea is to get better, not simply replace one guy for another.  I know Kenny knows this, and I know Konerko is his number 1 priority now.  Lets just hope they get a deal done.  I think they will…


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