Next Year in the Outfield… Anderson, Owens, Others?


It seems assumed Brian Anderson will be the White Sox’ full-time center fielder next year in the wake of Aaron Rowand’s departure.  While that may be the case, it may not.  But I guess you could say that about almost anything at this uncertain time when ballclubs are shaking up their rosters, trying to put together a winner for next season. 


First off, I don’t necessarily think whomever the White Sox use in the outfield to replace Aaron Rowand will play center field.  Scott Podsednik played center for Milwaukee, and did a great job from what I understand.  Pods in center flanked by another veteran and a rookie makes more sense to me than a rookie in control of the outfield flanked by two proven, battle-tested, World Series veterans. As for potential replacements for Rowand in the outfield, the guy statistically who impresses me the most from the White Sox organization is Jerry Owens who in the Southern League hit .331 with 173 hits, and 38 stolen bases.  Once again, I cannot believe Ozzie will not want another speed addition to this lineup.  Brian Anderson has had 20 stolen bases over three seasons, while Chris Young, another potential replacement for Rowand, led the Southern League in doubles with 41, extra base hits with 70, and runs scored with 100.  Combine those numbers with 30 stolen bases and 77 RBI and it’s hard to believe Anderson is a shoe-in for the center field job. 


Speed-wise, it would seem to me Jerry Owens or Chris Young would be better choices than Anderson, but Anderson has some Major League playing experience from last year, and had two memorable home runs agains then-untouchable Felix Hernandez , the 19-year old phenom of the Mariners.  I will be watching this year’s spring training with special interest to see who wins that center field job.  I think it will be a dogfight…


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