Rowand and Thomas Era Over…


In past blogs I had spoken of the possiblity of big Frank returning to the White Sox, and even yesterday wrote of my belief that Frank could still return even with the acquisition of Jim Thome, perhaps platooning with Frank.  I even mused of Thome being quickly traded for Pierre to bring more speed to the team, but now I feel extremely foolish for having said so.


Yes.  It is clear to me now, after digesting numerous articles online and listening to feeback from sports talk radio that the era of Frank and of course, Rowand is over.  When says Thomas’ career with the Sox is all but finished, you know it’s over.  Still, I am pleased with having a big, proven left-handed power stick in the lineup.  I am also pleased with what could turn out to be an even stronger rotation with McCarthy likely becoming the 5th starter.  When I have a 5th guy who is young and gutsy enough to shut down power offenses the likes of Texas and the Red Sox, I’m happy.  ‘El Duque’ should be moved to the bullpen in my opinion, as he shined in that role in the postseason, and is a heck of a presence to put in the game as a middle reliever.  He would be an expensive long man to be sure, but he just didn’t prove he could get through the season last year as an everyday starter.


I also like the fact that Rowand and Thomas are leaving on top – as parts of the first World Championship team Chicago has seen in 88 years.  That should make them proud.  Rowand is a tough, gutsy player, and I’m very glad he was able to earn his first ring with the club that brought him up.  We will never forget you, Aaron!  We wish you only the very best!  Big Frank, we wish you the very best too.  You have been the best offensive player I have ever had the pleasure to watch.  You will be missed, and we will never forget you.  So glad you got your ring, big guy!  You definitely deserve it…



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