Big Frank

As I watched the White Sox celebrate their first World Series Championship in 88 years, my thoughts soon turned to Frank Thomas, and his long, illustrious career with the Chicago White Sox.  After so many years, and some injury misfortune along the way, Frank has finally gotten what he has so richly desired and so very much deserves as a White Sox franchise player – a World Series Championship ring.  I wondered if the occasion might be at least a touch bittersweet for big Frank since he was able only to be with the team in spirit instead of in uniform.  I wondered if his uncertain status with the organization for the future might have been at least somewhere in the back of Frank’s mind.


I for one hope the White Sox find a way to bring Frank back.  I would love to see him get his 500th career home run and finish his career in a White Sox uniform.  Will the White Sox persue a new left-handed power hitting DH, or will they find a way to keep Frank?  It is my belief had Frank stayed healthy in 2005, the Indians might not have gotten as close as they did. 

I have the impression it is assumed Frank will be bought out and will not return, but I certainly hope a new deal can be reached.  While I am enjoying the memories of an amazing 2005 Championship season, I can’t help but look forward to next year.  What can I say?  It’s an addiction…


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