A Glorious October Day in Chicago

Yes.  I did indeed see the incredible parade for our south-side heroes today.  What an amazing mass of humanity, confetti, and chants of "Paulie, Paulie" and "Ozzie, Ozzie."  SInce I began watching this team as a little boy back in 1977 at Old Comiskey Park, I never thought I would live to see the day our Chicago White Sox would bring home a World Series Championship.  Even days later, I still pinch myself, shaking my head, amazed not only with what our White Sox did, but the amazing way in which they did it. 

Like so many of us devoted fans, I was unable to actually get inside the ballpark for the World Series.  Still, I stood outside the park at the start of Game 1, wanting to somehow, someway, be around this wondrous, historic event.  As I listened to the introductions of the ballplayers on my radio headset, chills went up and down my spine.  I especially loved Nancy Faust’s satirical rendition of the theme song for "Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood" when Roger Clemens was introduced.  I was 9 years old again.  Just a kid who played ball and admired those who helped instill within me a passion for baseball and the Chicago White Sox. 

Here’s to our amazing team, and a long, wonderful offseason of memories almost too incredible to believe…



  1. extex2k@hotmail.com

    What wonderful memories for you. What a wonderful series for all of us. This season was BELIEVABLE* always to the SOX and never anything less for their Chicago Fans!! Never give up,believe in yourself, turn away from negativity, think positive,change what needs changing and improve the rest, all of these saying are what the SOXS stand for in Chicagoland and hopefully the world- but like one of the players said yesterday (and Im paraphrasing-as the speakers werent working for the fans to hear and we had to guess at what was being said ie* at the beginning of the introductions, you can hear the fans chanting “we can’t hear, we can’t hear”)while speaking to the 1.7 million fans: I hope they know how hard we worked, how serious we were.When we won all along the way,people said we couldnt do it-well we did! All that the White Sox stand for, all that they are, all the determination, all of the unity- these are the things I am most proud of-and that Ozzie is fantastic too! Not to mention, each and every player and all of the management.. Way to go Sox

  2. manausa1@sbcglobal.net


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